And you thought I was joking! (Moi?)


This is a real contest, even better!–A SCHOLARSHIP! All you have to do to enter is TELL us your favorite book, and GIVE us a paragraph as to why it is so.  Stefanie Allison has entered her favorite, and how appropriate as we are currently involved with helping Victor promote his new work under construction.  Check out the rules under contests, and tell us YOUR favorite book, and you may be eligible for The Beaviss and Butthead Literary Merit Scholarship, which A Word with You Press is funding annually.

 My Favorite Book

by Stefanie Allison


While I certainly have more than one choice that could be a contender for the honor of my “favorite” book, one book that has caught my attention like no other; this book is Victor Villaseñor’s novel, Rain of Gold. Dripping with color, culture, and miracles, this novel invites the reader into the world of two people—Juan Salvador and Lupe—as they survive the ravages of the Mexican Revolution and racial discrimination after their immigration to the United States.  Many stories don’t even try to evoke real emotion from readers anymore; this novel doesn’t need to try due to Villaseñor’s infectious enthusiasm for storytelling and his passionate embrace of his family and culture. Of course, ever the die-hard romantic I am, probably the part of this story that makes me come back over and over is the passionate love story that blossoms between Juan Salvador and Lupe by the waters of Oceanside. Their true life love story makes me believe in love all over again—for all the hopes and dreams that come with it—because it is living proof that it exists. It is a story that requires that you forget about the world around you because the beauty of the world Villaseñor offers to his readers is worth abandoning the “real” world. So Mr. Villaseñor, if you end up reading this, thank you for proving to me that literature still has the power to evoke the deepest emotions human beings oftentimes try to suppress.


4 thoughts on “And you thought I was joking! (Moi?)

  1. Michael Stang says:

    “-because it is living proof that it exists”  Talking about the existence and the proof of love is like asking the god’s to borrow the throne for a while.  Nothing in our mortal lives shares the stage.  Victor’s books send me there time after time.  I am not surprised you feel the same.  Good luck with the scholarship.  Rooting on you kid.

    • Stars Fall On My Heart says:

      I don’t know what it is about Victor’s writing that clicks with me…almost as if the writing itself is party to the magic within the story <3

      And Thorn's book was alright LOL

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