“Be yourself…Everybody else is taken” YOU DIDN’T WRITE THAT continues


Any body wanna guess who said those words? Thorn, you didn’t write that.  Than who(m)?  Take a Wilde guess.

Hmmnn. how does this sound? “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. A Thorn is still a prick.”

Stefanie Allison enters our contest (for rules by which to make your own subversion-oops! submission!–just pull down the contest roll out from the menu bar(d).)

This waxes rather poetic, don’t you think?


Not to Be

by Stefanie Allison

He rubbed his hands after he replaced the quill pen that he lovingly nicknamed Juliet—after the love interest in his story—back in its inkwell. Pride pulsed through his veins alongside the pain from the cramps in his hands. A voice inside him told him he would change the world, and he believed it—so his practiced his faith on his parchment. He had to hurry though; he was due at the theater later that night, and he wanted to be there before his competition.

“Life will be so different when people hear this play,” he said, standing up. “And I am the man who wrote it.”


            As his body crumpled to the floor, the man standing behind him took Juliet up and leaned over the play.

“You didn’t write this,” he said. “I did.”

The man scribbled “William Shakespeare” onto the page and disappeared into the night.


Your turn!




16 thoughts on ““Be yourself…Everybody else is taken” YOU DIDN’T WRITE THAT continues

  1. Michael Stang says:

    How many times am I in love with Shakespeare?  Everytime.   I think of this as a Poe character who has stolen from the pockets of the fallen man and slipped away.  I delight in the lightness, and the crisp word count, but, then again, it is you, Stepanie.  Of course I do.

  2. Kyle says:

    Oh dearest Stephanie.  You are but a rare jewel. Your signature writing has Tiffany all over it. Every word sparkles. Every sentence a bracelet,connected to the eyes of the reader. So beautiful. Reveal at the end. Brilliant!  

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    Ah Steph – have missed you so…witty, polished, mysterious, and fateful.  What light shines through yonder window….

  4. Mac Eagan says:

    I thought I had commented on everyone’s story, but I guess I may have missed one or two.  Good job, with a surprising ending.  Similar to Mike, I find this story a little Poe-etic.
    What is more interesting to me is it plays into rumors I heard a few years ago that William Shakespeare did not write many (or perhaps any) of the stories he has received credit for.  Supposedly, he wasn’t so much a great writer as he was a brilliant businessman and marketer.  He found good writing by others and gave them exposure by marketing it as his own.  Or something like that.
    Your story is a nice spin on that idea.

  5. Chalice Divine says:

    Oh boy, another sinister William. You know, the more you read, listen, and even perform his works just for fun with your mate or friends, the more you have to feel a small shiver of subtle sinuous relief that such a piercing and deeply furious machavelian intellect is not your present day professor, or collegue, or employer, or… well you get the drift right?
    Love it:D

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