A spirited wingman, to say the least!


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Who among us can stop at a single sip of Sheri?

Sheri Strobaugh has delivered her second entry into our contest Wing Nuts.

No Title?  Hmnn.  I will give it a title…let’s see… How about

Something in the way he swazye

by Sheri Strobaugh

Their bodies swayed to music on this sweltering day at The Old Duchess Inn.  Idle chatter and random squeals lightened the room.  An occasional breeze filtered through the stagnant remnants of booze filled breaths.

He didn’t see me, didn’t look my way, didn’t feel me.  Guess I’ll just have to wing it.  I sauntered my sexiest sway, paused as I past him, my finger delicately lining his jawbone.  He let in a gasp and turned in a jolt.

His friends laughed, “Hey man, you’re white as a ghost!  You need another scotch?”  Hedidn’t say anything.  He just kept touching his chilled jawbone.  A hint of jasmine lingered in the air.  He gazed across the bar scanning anything remotely familiar… after a minute, he let it (me) go.

I’m right here, the same spot where we met years ago when this place was one of elegance and grandeur.  I was at  the beginning of a wondrous journey with my wingman. Why was I taken?  Why do I wait for him every day in hopes he will see me?  He was the same man I fell in love with, only time had made him more beautiful.

I won’t cross over without a goodbye!  I can’t!  With a feeling of urgency, I ran to him,pressed my body into his and fused our souls together.  He looked into my eyes, yes my eyes.  said goodbye as our tears flowed and disappeared into the white light…




34 thoughts on “A spirited wingman, to say the least!

  1. Michael Stang says:

    When it comes to love there is nothing like a good old fashion ghost story to get those emotions going. What a lovely, simply told tale you gave us to enjoy. The writing is delicate and feminine, tender in the way she loves him. Thank you Sheri, you are so good.

  2. 1948pdobbs says:

    Sheri, This is one of my favorite movies and songs that Thorn has graced your story with. Its beautifully written with sensitivity. I like your title, “SEE ME” better than Thorn’s. There is such a plea in your title. I made the mistake in my story of not making the author my Wingman. I suppose that is why I noticed you had done the same thing. Did I miss it ?
    Blessings, pd

  3. diana_SD says:

    Love, loss and closure are all captured effectively in this flash peek into the heart of separation. Nice work.

  4. Lizzy ; ) says:

    Beautifully written Sher! I am not a writer but can recognize and appreciate words on a page that draw you in and captivate your imagination. Well done!

  5. Diane Cresswell says:

    Ah yes my kind of story again. You are very good and definitely could lots more of your stories. Funny thing – this does happen to those who have lost loved ones…a touch, smell, a felt presence, sometimes even a voice to let the one left behind that the one who left is fine. Love does go with you.

  6. Parisianne Modert says:

    I love the sensory feel your entry has. The chill on the cheek bone, the scent of jasmine, the tears in the eyes, the movement of the lady and the sound of chatter and squeals. What impresses me is how quickly and completely you words lifted me out of my body and placed me, as a ghostly voyeur, into your story. I believed it, because I felt I was there. My compliments for achieving this with so few words.

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