Still need a reason to come to Dime Stories?

How bout this….

Tiffany, Little Miss Creative Missfit, charms and disarms and does no harms.

Already a fovorite to win our Wing Nuts Contest and she hasn’t even entered yet  😉

Read her blog 🙂


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  1. 1948pdobbs says:

    Having been living life (the hard kind) for about a year, I am still playing catch-up on a AWwYP, so your name as well as the “dime stories” are new to me. That being said, of course I had to read your blog. Let me begin with admiration for the creative and just hard down beautiful logo or whatever you call your identity in the upper left corner. See…I am already showing my ignorance. Each time Thorn writes anything about me, he always begins with my ignorance in not knowing how to attach a story to an email.
    Your blog convinced me that I should ask for a place around the table and if I was on your side of the country instead of way down here in Alabama, I’d be there. You are among a great bunch of people who have been overly kind to me. Please tell them tonight that I said hello and that if your stories are as entertaining as your blog, we had better sit up a little straighter at the computer so that our brains can get some nourishment instead of all of it going to our bellies. It is so nice to meet you via e-mail and I will be watching for anything with your name on it.
    Blessings, pd

    • Tiffany Beard says:

      Billy just read this note to me this afternoon. I am so humbled by what you said. THANK YOU. My logo is my initials TMB. I agree with you about the kindness part. I want to improve with writing, which is why I joined the dang thing. But I am so glad to hear your nice words. I will be sure to give you as many opportunities to read as I can. Again, thank you.

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