Need an editor?

If you have a project to discuss, we will assess the first thirty pages you send us pro-bono.
Please send to these to Thornton Sully at thorn @ a word with you press dot com. Be sure to indicate in the subject link “Pro-bono Assessment” and send your submission as a Word .doc attachment after you’ve kindly scanned for viruses:)


I would like to say a positive word to A Word With You Press. Thorn edited and published my book for couples, Visiting Angels & Home Devils, and it has sold several hundred copies and received many words of praise – both for the quality of the printing and the editing. So thank you for your enthusiastic work on that book. I am now working on three new books and I am sure that you will do an even better job with after six years of experience and the same level of expertise and enthusiasm.
– Dr. Don Hanley, Ph.D., retired Catholic priest, couples counselor and author

A Word with You Press is a studly & garrulous purveyor of stories, a tenacious and independent publisher, a throwback to the tradition of editor-as-collaborator with authors, a finder of talent, a nurturer of soul confessions, warm and generous. Huzzah! Huzzah! May this website attract writers and readers to build a community of voices!
– Jonathan Freedman, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, author and speaker

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