Write to be Read is an exclusive book reviewers club, and it is free for all members.

We send you a book. Write a review on Amazon, and then send us the link and a Word .doc copy of your review. We republish the book review on this site, and we send you another book to read and review. Simple as that. It is important that your review includes the words “I received this book in exchange for writing an honest review.” And that is what we are after: an honest, independent reaction to an author’s work.

If you are an author with a book you would like to reviewed, send 28 copies to:

A Word with You Press
310 East A Street, Suite B
Moscow, ID

…along with a check for $200 ($250 for books longer than 300 pages) to cover mailing sleeves, postage and handling. We can’t guarantee that you will receive 25 reviews, but we will send out at least 25 copies.

25 is a magic number on Amazon, as it changes the metric in an author’s favor for searches.

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