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Dry souls

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorched... mother earth.

I don't want to be a dry soul. It's one of the things that drive me to be more honest, more TLA-transformative, more gravitas... and then Thorn comes and we laugh at how I can take it all too seriously. And then he lets me cry. And then he tells a pun, and we start the cycle again. A Word With You Press lets me be me, and I'm the better for it.

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Kristy Webster

Good evening from the towers that are A Word with You Impress.

Kristy Webster was good enough–at my request–to send a photo of her certificate proving two things:  First, she won $500 in our last monied contest, and two: we really DO pay out the award money and I do not create fictitious names and award it to myself!
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