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Channeling Gary


The plan had been for Mike Stang to come to Oceanside when Gary rode into those dusty streets, hitched up his pony to the Towers, and we were all going to swagger over to The Flying Pig to drink women and ogle other people’s beer, after inviting everyone who ever visited the site to come by in the hopes they’d pick up the tab, which we figured would be as large His Moiness’s ego, Stang’s heart, and Gary’s bull (Bob).
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Gary Clark! You’ve been Thorned!

Gary Clark

Good somber morning from the Towers that are A Word with You Press in the Land of the Double entundra. To the shock of many, including myself, I am actually capable of keeping a secret. Might be that modicum of dormant decency in my soul, but more than likely it's because Gary authorized Mike Stang to arrange a mafia-style hit on me if I misbehaved. I have known for well over a year what was coming.

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Care for an apple?

Almost Avalon - Thorn Sully

It is true that I lived on my boat at Cat Harbor for about a year. I was a commercial abalone diver. However, though written in first person, this is NOT autobiographical.  It's based on a couple I met in Oceanside, California. I appropriated the flesh of their story as a repository for the despair and beauty of my own existence at the time. I envy what they had and squandered....

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