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And the finalists are…

And you thought "over the top" referred to how Donald Trump combs his hair!

Tiffany checked her in box, and I have checked mine: not so easy to do ... here at the towers we are quaffing smoke from wildfires in Washington blowing this way. (the OTHER Washington also blows smoke, but beneath the surface!) I was missing California, and now that I can't see the sun for all the smoke I feel right at home....oh...the boxes are empty...meaning ALL the stories have been posted!

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The Wizard of Id

Thornton Sully

Literati. I pulled a story I myself wrote out of the archives. (yes, in addition to snarky comments, I really do write!) Though not written to our "Beneath the Surface" theme, it exemplifies what I am looking for. Here is a nine year old boy being taught how to swim by his father, but beneath the surface he will eventually discover krakens and sharks. My greatest hope for this website and for all who enter story submissions is that they confront in themselves and our society what really goes on beneath the surface of our lives. Great literature digs deep. Can you dig it?

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