Don Hanley

Don Hanley
Don grew up hard-scrabble at the end of the Depression, and was convinced that he could best show love as a priest dedicated to relieving the misery of those even less fortunate than himself. He was willing to sacrifice his own desires for the greater good of the humanity and God he wished to serve. But Don could sniff the poison at the well: Love and sexual expression, so palliative to the human spirit, was re-engineered by the church dogma to such a degree that Don concluded that towing the company line only added to the suffering of those he had dedicated his life to helping. So he did the logical and terribly romantic thing: he quit the priesthood and eloped with a sister of the faith who admired his heroic stance. They have been married ever since, and Don has become a professor and counselor specializing in sexual and relationship disorders. He is a past recipient of the prestigious San Diego Book Awards for best unpublished novel Love by Its First Name and a couples guide Visiting Angels; Home Devils (A Word with You Press).

Books by Don

Visiting Angels, Home Devils

Friendly and useful prompts and observations for couples wanting to enhance their relationships, with or without the help of a counselor; provided by Dr. Don Hanley, the gentleman psychologist.

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