David Folz

David Folz
An avid researcher, David Folz harbors a love of history with a preference for the eighteenth century. Having spent years sailing boats and ships of contemporary and historic design, the author brings his experiences into his stories. Honing his writing skills through decades of study and research, Mr. Folz enjoys sharing his adventures with the reading public. He resides with his wife in Southern California.

Books by David

The Mason Key: Volume 2

Lost in unfamiliar seas, Mason is given the Second Principle of The Mason Key. Will it be enough to enable him to survive nature's fury?

The Mason Key: Volume 1

The book is the first in a series that takes the reader through a period of time when the world was reshaping the political map on a scale that changed from decade to decade. It is my intent to provide an adventurous time machine for most readers as well as a thought provoking/mind-expanding experience for those of you who seek to better understand the universe and our place within it.

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