Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson is a British writer with some North American sensibilities. He writes fiction, non-fiction and comedy material. Full-length thrillers, Standpoint and Line of Sight, will be published by Joffe Books in 2015. Derek is busy working on the rest of the series. He is a AWwYP foreign correspondent and the sweetest Limey you ever squeezed.

Books by Derek

The Showreel Sketchbook

An ebook collection of 35 adult comedy sketch scripts.

Superhero Club

A short fiction ebook for Mid Grade readers about friendship, self-acceptance, and transformation.


A modern day thriller, combining intrigue, action and dark humour.

Thomas Bladen is a civil service photographer in London, but the Surveillance Support Unit also assists other government departments. The SSU is staffed by ex-forces personnel, careerists and Thomas. He has an eye for details that other people miss and a talent for finding trouble – a combination that was never going to bring him an easy life. During a routine observation he unwittingly exposes a world of corruption and danger that bleeds into his private life. When the cards are stacked against him and the only woman he’s ever loved may end up paying the price for his choices, can one good man hold the line without crossing it?


Isca has followed the faith since childhood, taking her from the Settlements and into the City States. Now, as a priestess, a prophecy bears fruit; she receives a stone tablet to liberate her people and reveal their spiritual homeland. In order to preserve the faith, she must be willing to teach the path of True Will to a heathen, whatever the consequences. When a stranger appears in the city of Tarsis, he uncovers the truth about the tablet and the boy chosen to protect it. But what if the long-awaited Righteous One isn't so righteous after all?