The UnBEARable Lightness of Being AWwYP

My Loquacious Literati! (Oh! Wait! Loquacious? That would be Moi!)

We are dusting off the dead leaves and testing the spring air with our snout, emerging from our cave here in Idaho to hunt for berries and a cold beer. What? Already June? Oops! We overslept.

And how the landscape has changed during our long winter hibernation!

Copius Notes
What we’ve been dreaming about during our hibernation

We have started a campfire in the land of Hemingway and the double entundra and invite you to chuck in your writer’s block and toast some marshmallows with us. What better place to share your stories?

One more trip to the groomers to brush out those nasty ticks and burrs, and we will be officially opened for business JUNE 15th, at which point we’ll invite you to enter our first contest.

Here is what else you can expect:



Early stage logo
Early stage logo

As part of our site relaunch we have developed a new logo designed by my son, daughter and myself! One that links the treasured art of storytelling to the power of dissemination made possible by this amazing transition in history, this fidgital, widgital, digital age.

So it is only appropriate that we expand our tagline, too. Henceforth, we are “Publishers & Purveyors of Fine Stories in the Digital Age”.

We’ll unveil our new logo on June 15th as well.

We are aiming to make the site more enjoyable, legible and ready to consume and interact with on various devices – your Desktop, your iPad, phone and even email…

As such, we are also going to be ‘reverting’ back to the simple look and feel of a book you can hold in your hand – albeit in a tablet or phone. Elegant fonts, well spaced layouts and high contrasts of a simple (off)white page with bold text.



Some new features which you can expect:

New personalities!

In addition to his Moiness-in-chief, others have joined our staff and will research topics of interest to writers on a variety of subjects, and post them frequently. They will conduct and post author interviews, create book reviews and solicit their own story ideas. Interested in developing a column? Leave a comment below.


New and improved contests!

Early Contest Page Sketch
One of our many paper prototypes of our contest page.

Guess what? It’s all about YOU! We provide a contest prompt, rules and parameters and outlandish prizes, and you get to show your brilliance.

We have learned from having nearly fifty contests how best to inspire you to do your best.


Author pages!

Coding the New Author Pages!
Coding the new Author Pages!

Each author that has published with a Word with You Press (as well as a few who have helped us along the way) will be featured on their own page listing their books in our store as well as blog posts they have created on the site.



YES, that’s right. Each one of you will have the ability to have your own BLOG on the new site, which you will be able to sign up for. This will also give you your own profile page on the site with a bit about you, links to your social media and your latest writing.

*Note: our previous class of contributors will be grandfathered in to the new site – all your usernames, emails and passwords will still work.



Writer retreats. Oh, wait! Writers don’t retreat–they advance. And we will offer amazing venues world-wide that encourage them to do so! Got an idea for an event? Leave it in the comments.



Finally! We have tried so many times to do this RIGHT and now we finally have a means to not only sell physical books, but offer affiliate sales for your books on Amazon.

Other services to develop are also on the roadmap.



Want an invite to the new site launch? Please leave a comment below, we’ll use this post as a central place to answer your questions about the pending launch.

Little darlin’s, it’s been a long and lonesome winter. But we finally got our bearings!

I hope you will join Morgan (mon fille) Tiffany, Derek, Diana, Mike, Billy, Teri and others still crawling out of the cave, along with Moi, at the camp fire.


Love to all


  1. Diane Cresswell says:

    About time… hehehe. Looks great and I’m all for the ideas. Time to jump back into the ring and.get.the party started. Or as Cowboy would say, “its about time you got this herd moving… Granny she’s been holding that shotgun of her’s so long her fingers are locked on the trigger. Better move or she and that dang rooster of her’s will cause more ruckus than a snake in a corral filled with wild horses. Its magic time.

    • Thornton
      Thornton says:

      Miss the Cowboy…sigh. Are you coming to the reunion June 19th? You did not rsvp. Did you get the invitation? Lemme know.

      • Diane Cresswell says:

        Just sent my reply… leaning towards coming… ah appearing… maybe yes. I’m going to get Thorned… I just know it.

  2. Jacquie Schmall says:

    The well of words is slim, but deep
    Where darkness hides the words that sleep
    Along with thoughts that spin around
    Awaiting lift from whispered sound
    The warp, and weft, of life alive
    Will hum, as in a warm beehive
    When words spring out on any day
    Our inner child comes out to play
    With wisdoms, if I have my say.
    So here I am anticipating
    That words, and thoughts will soon be mating.
    So Thorn, I for one will smile while waiting.

    Jacquie Schmall

  3. Thornton
    Thornton says:

    Wow! I will be sure to create a contest for poetry and you are sure to win with this entry (I sleep with judge)

  4. Martin A. David says:

    I love the energizer bunny aspect of it all…….youse just keeps goin’ and goin’. It sounds exciting.

  5. Mac Eagan says:


    Hey! What’s all that racket you’re making? Some of us are still hibernatin’!

    Wait, what?? The site’s coming back up???


  6. Stef
    Stef says:

    …the blood is flowing through my veins again. I have risen…hallelujah (I heard it was a secret chord that David played; and it pleased The Lord)!

  7. Oh, how exciting!! We shall be full of Thorns again!! Oh, I have missed the thorns. I’d love to do a Blog on Playwrighting perhaps? Maybe have a contest for short plays? Just a thought. The brain is buzzing. I’m not missing out on these contests this time!!

    • Thornton
      Thornton says:

      Warrior Woman! We can talk about it at the reunion in Oceanside. Will you be there? I fly to San Diego today. Can’t wait to see my peeps!

  8. Thornton
    Thornton says:

    Even if the photo has me sitting on my bums, doesn’t mean I am embear-assed to be in pubic once a…—OOPS–PUBLIC! once again!

  9. Laura Girardeau says:

    The new site, plans and energy are already as strong as your pictured grizzly. We can see that you’re as hungry as a bear for new stories and personalities on the site. We’re grateful for your encouragement of new writers as well as seasoned writers emerging from hibernation!

  10. Morgan says:

    Business Model Canvassing

    Here’s a little more behind the scenes of the launch! This is a tool we’ve been using internally called a ‘Business Model Canvas’ ( One element needing your input is our ‘value proposition’. In ‘business speak’ this is the ‘value’ that A Word with You Press provides for people. How do our services help you socially/professionally? Is it *just* my dad’s witty way with words that woos you? How are you different from coming to AWwYP?

  11. R.F. Marazas says:

    Damn! I thought perhaps I’d scared you off after naming my novel co-winner of your contest. But lo, you’re resurrected and I can feel my writer’s block oozing away. Might even get Dimensions In Ego published. Welcome back.

  12. thorn
    thorn says:

    Hello Chet! And we are just the guys to publish it. I LOVED you entry and it is archived for the new rendering of the site. Are you finished with the novel?

  13. Don Maker says:

    Everything looks and sounds good. Like the proposed logo; very “Elizabethan literati”. I look forward to participating. Cheers.

  14. Don Hanley
    Don Hanley says:

    I am planning to make my logo a young lad holding an old man’s hand (who looks like me) and saying, “This is my grandpa and he is going to tell us how we can feel magnificent being in a universe with billions of galaxies and trillions of stars.”

  15. Mike Casper says:

    Welcome baaaack, your dreams were your ticket out…yeah, yeah, I know, with apologies and a nod of the head to Mr. Kotter.
    So very glad to see this site up and running.

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